Balance Your Emotions to Achieve Better Health

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Did you know that your thoughts and feelings affect more than just your mental health? The mind-body link is real, and we are still discovering just how powerful it can be. While we all experience both positive and negative emotions throughout our lifetimes, how you manage those feelings has an incredible impact on both your mental and physical health.

The impact of negative emotions. When you experience chronic, poorly-managed negative emotions (fear, anger, jealousy, and so on), those repressed feelings build up over time to produce stress. We know that stress impacts our immune systems and upsets our hormone balances, and can lead to hypertension, digestive disorders, and cardiovascular disease. And now, recent research suggests that chronic stress shortens our telomeres, the end caps of our DNA, and leads to premature aging.

The benefits of positive emotions. On the other side of the coin, positive emotions also impact our health. It seems obvious that feelings of gratitude and happiness would lead to improved mental health and social functioning. But positive emotions also help us to prevent illnesses, heal faster when we’re sick or injured, and recover from cardiovascular stress. Happy people also take better care of themselves, in general, which leads to better health and longer lifespans.

How to change your mindset. Of course, changing your mindset is easier said than done. No one is saying that you can’t experience both positive and negative emotions; the point is to process and release negativity rather than repressing it. You can transition to a more positive mindset, and release negative emotions, by experiencing three positive emotions for every negative one.

When you experience an emotion like anger or fear, it blocks your ability to feel things like gratitude and forgiveness. But it is possible to train your mind to release those negative thoughts, and consciously replace them with more positive ones. Looking for opportunities to forgive, practice empathy, and express gratitude can go a long way toward counterbalancing negative thought processes.

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