5 Ways to Combat the Time Change

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Most of the country will “fall back” in less than two weeks, as we adjust out clocks back an hour in the early morning of November 7th. While some enjoy the shift, many of us struggle to regulate our body clocks after the change. Since both quantity and quality matter with regard to sleep (and can significantly impact your overall health), try these five tips to help yourself adjust to daylight savings time.

Shift your schedule gradually. Rather than trying to make a sudden, drastic change, shift your sleep schedule gradually by going to bed 15 minutes later each night (for four nights).

Now stick to it. It might take you two weeks or so, to feel fully regulated. Stick to your new schedule, even on weekends, so that your body has time to fully adjust.

Avoid excess caffeine. Many people start their day with a cup or two of coffee, and it’s okay to continue that habit. But if you’re feeling fatigued after the time change, resist the urge to overdo the caffeine. Sure, it might give you a temporary boost on a sluggish afternoon, but then you’ll have a hard time falling asleep later that night… And the cycle will continue tomorrow.

Don’t use electronics at night. The light from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen disrupts brain waves and melatonin production. Avoid using the devices in the two hours leading up to bedtime. If you absolutely must return a message, or you want to read in bed, try a blue light filter for your screen.

Take a nap. If you’re really struggling, take an early afternoon nap. Just keep it to about thirty minutes, and don’t nap past about 3:00 in the afternoon.

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