Could This Superfood Help You?

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Prickly pear cactus close up with fruit in red colorThe idea of a “superfood” has become a bit of a trendy buzzword these days, but there really is some truth to the term. There are many foods that offer such amazing and varied health benefits that the newly-coined word really does suit them! Now, the latest food to make the (unofficial) list of superfoods is the prickly pear cactus.

Prickly pear could be popular enough due simply to its wonderful taste. But as it turns out, the plant has been used for over 1,000 years in Mexico, as a natural treatment for those suffering from diabetes symptoms. This is probably due to its hypoglycemic effects, meaning it helps to lower blood sugar levels . In fact, in one recent study on the health effects in people with type 2 diabetes, prickly pear was show to lower blood sugar levels by 17 to 42 percent.

For those who don’t have diabetes, maintenance of blood sugar is also important. Keeping your blood sugar levels under control can aid in weight loss, because doing this discourages fat storage in your cells.

And that’s not all. The cactus pads of prickly pear contain many essential vitamins in minerals that we all need in our diets, such as:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • potassium

Prickly pear also contains 24 betalains, which are potent anti-inflammatory agents also found in vegetables like beets. The plant might also stimulate the immune system, thanks to its polysaccharides. Check out for more fun info And on top of all that, prickly pear pads contain the 8 essential amino acids that our own bodies cannot produce (in other words, we must obtain them from food sources). The prickly pear provides more of these amino acids than almost any other food source!

As you can see, prickly pear cactus certainly appears to meet the criteria to be classified as a “superfood”.

We’ve had great results with prickly pear cactus in a supplement called Edge from GIA Wellness. Reduced stress, recovery from strenuous workouts and just an overall feeling of wellbeing are some of the stories people relate after using Edge.  Send me a message and I’ll share more about prickly pear cactus and Edge.

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