Eleven Alarming Effects of Dehydration

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woman with severe headache with fraud on the cityYou hear it all the time: Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. And yet, many of us are walking around chronically dehydrated, partially because we ignore this advice, and sometimes because we replace water with other drinks (sodas) which do not adequately hydrate the body.

In fact, many of us suffer from chronic dehydration without even realizing it! Over time, dehydration can damage your body in some pretty major ways, such as:

  • Fatigue – when dehydrated, your body’s enzymatic activity slows, sapping your energy.
  • Weight gain – When cells are depleted of energy, the body often responds with hunger instead of thirst. Over time this pattern can lead to weight gain.
  • Asthma and allergies – your body will restrict airways to conserve water, making asthma and allergy symptoms worse
  • Blood pressure – blood is 92 percent water, but it becomes thicker when you’re dehydrated. This can increase resistance against blood flow and lead to high blood pressure.
  • Skin problems – dehydration can exacerbate symptoms of all types of skin disorders, such as psoriasis and dermatitis, and also contributes to premature wrinkling and discoloration
  • Digestive problems – dehydration and a shortage of alkaline minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) can contribute to ulcers, gastritis, and acid reflux.
  • Constipation – When you’re dehydrated, your intestines can’t move food effectively. This can lead to moderate or even severe constipation.
  • Joint pain and stiffness – The cartilage padding in your joints is composed of water, find the best heating and air conditioning in Cherry Hill, NJ. Chronic dehydration can actually weaken your joints and slow repair, causing aching or stiffness.
  • High cholesterol – your body wants to prevent water loss from cells when it is dehydrated. But it often does this by producing more cholesterol, which can be dangerous over long periods of time.
  • Bladder and kidney problems – Your body uses water to flush toxins from your system. Without this flushing action, waste accumulates and can make your bladder or kidneys more prone to inflammation.
  • Premature aging – Over time, chronic dehydration can cause your skin to wrinkle prematurely.

If your urine is dark yellow, or you don’t urinate seven to eight times per day, you’re probably dehydrated. Other clues might include chronic fatigue, recurring headaches, and even mood symptoms like crankiness.

If you’re drinking eight glasses of water per day, you might think you couldn’t possibly be dehydrated. But it is possible that due to the molecular composition of the water you drink, your body cannot properly absorb it on a cellular level. Do any of the above symptoms sound familiar? If so, you might be suffering from chronic dehydration.

Luckily, we have ways of addressing that problem, by altering your water so that your body absorbs it more effectively. In addition to drinking enough water, it’s also important to drink the right type of water. Contact us for more details on our patented hydration system.

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