Four Must-Have Foods for Optimal Health

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Women preparing salad together  in the kitchenYou may have heard the mantra, “you are what you eat” over and over throughout the years. But when you’re trying to put together a healthy diet, you need more specific information on the right foods for your body.

It’s true that basing your diet on the fresh fruits and vegetables you can find in your local grocery store will promote better health and longevity. But what about the many positive health effects you can gain from other, less common, foods? And what about protein, which is found in only small amounts in produce? If you want to put together a healthy meal plan to reduce your weight, promote better digestion, and prevent many age-related diseases, include the following four foods in your diet.

Ginger. Ginger boosts the metabolic rate, helping you to lower your overall body fat. It also helps you to feel full, which prevents overeating of the wrong foods. This superfood even aids the digestion process, so that the foods you eat are properly absorbed by your system.

Green Tea. Green tea inhibits fat accumulation in the body, and can also work to suppress the appetite. In fact, green tea is so powerful that a 2012 study found that incorporating the food into a healthy diet helped obese adults lose 24 more pounds during a 90-day diet than those who did not utilize green tea!

Protein. Protein performs many important functions in the body, and is an essential component to a healthy diet. Protein keeps your blood sugar levels even, which prevents “sugar crashes”, cravings, mood swings, and even health problems related to blood sugar. As an essential building block of muscles, protein in your diet will promote the development of healthy lean tissues. More muscle mass means a faster metabolism, and lower risk of diseases which are related to excess body fat (such as heart disease or diabetes).

Garcinia Cambogia. The hydroxycitric acid in this small fruit considerably accelerates weight loss, by suppressing the appetite and blocking fat storage. That second benefit of garcinia cambogia is especially important to remember. It can be difficult to avoid excess fat in our modern Western diets, but blocking its absorption can not only promote weight loss, but also possibly prevent many health problems related to fat in the diet. You can eat the fruit itself, which is often difficult to find, or you can enjoy its properties via an extract.

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