How to Give Yourself an Edge in 2022

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Scientifically and thoughtfully curated to get the Edge on stress. GIA Edge contains Tex-OE, a patented formula containing a combination of Vitamin B and prickly pear cactus extract. It is formulated to assist your body’s natural recovery from stress and muscle fatigue. 


  • Help the body’s natural muscle and tissue recovery
  • Assist the body’s natural resistance to physical stress
  • Help normalize the uncomfortable effects associated with air travel (jet lag)
  • Help alleviate normal fatigue & mental exhaustion
  • Supports the body’s natural resistance to, and recovery from, the body’s energetic stress response caused by man-made frequencies

Who Should take Edge?

  • Anyone who participates in challenging physical activity
  • Anyone who experiences physical stress or inflammation
  • Anyone who plans on traveling
  • Anyone who is sleep-deprived
  • Anyone who uses ‘energy-zapping’ EMF/EMR emitting devices such as cell phones, home phones, computers, laptops, cars, etc.

What is Tex-OE®

A patented natural active extract from a fruit consumed by millions of people worldwide, that has shown to help reduce the effects of stress and assist the rapid recovery following stress and exposure to aggressive conditions. Stress can be defined as any physiological condition where the organism is placed in an exceptionally aggressive situation and needs to rely on the syntheses of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) to recover.

TEX-OE® has been clinically tested by an international medical team under conditions of intense stress, exposing volunteers to stressors such as extreme temperatures, scuba diving, free diving, jogging, cycling, motorsports, skiing, climbing, alcohol consumption, and surgery.

The results indicate that with one dose of TEX-OE®, the organism achieves optimized stress protection by inducing the synthesis HSPs in the blood very rapidly (within 20-30 minutes from the onset of stress, as opposed to 120 minutes). Under normal conditions (without the use of TEX-OE®), the body only starts fighting the effects of stress after 2 hours from the first onset of stress. With TEX-OE®, the anti-stress effect is maintained for a period of approximately 3 days before it starts to decline.


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