Global Wireless Safety Network Launches

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The Global Wireless Safety Network has been launched at GIA Wellness with a promise to help “Families Thrive in the Wireless Age”!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.12.51 AMThe wireless revolution has certainly made life simpler for billions of people nearly everywhere on earth. Within seconds we can communicate with a loved one halfway around the globe. Wi-Fi systems in our homes, work places and businesses have created freedom, increased productivity and added to the bottom line.   Everyone seems to love the convenience of instant communication and being connected 24/7.

But with all of that wireless technology at our disposal, one question must be asked…

What are we doing to safeguard ourselves and those we care about from the negative health effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitting from our wireless technology?

Beginning to Connect the Dots

Countless people are already experiencing the symptoms of wireless exposure and they are just beginning to connect the dots. Headaches, Anxiety, Depression Fatigue, Sleep Disturbance, Blood Pressure issues and even Weight Gain (or at least your body’s resistance to weight loss) are just a few of the challenges that become magnified with prolonged exposure.   While these symptoms may resemble allergies or other common maladies, scientists now warn that wireless radiation poses a severe risk to the well being of millions and caution world leaders that the problem could get worse if a solution is not addressed and implemented.

The Global Wireless Safety Network is on a Mission

The Global Wireless Safety Network (GWSN) facilitates education and awareness along with potential solutions that allow individuals, families, and entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s wireless environment. This does not mean avoidance or abstinence from wireless technology, but rather safe and responsible usage and protection.

Included in the GWSN’s mission is the dedication to a healthy lifestyle and abundance for its team members. This is encouraged and rewarded through a compensation program that allows participants to leverage incredible timing in the marketplace with social media strategies and referral marketing.

We invite you to become fully informed about the hazards of wireless technology, the measures you can utilize to protect your family, and the opportunity for you to create an abundant lifestyle by joining the GWSN.

Contact us today to learn more.

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