Harness Your Subtle Energy

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Have you ever heard someone say “everything is energy” and wonder what that means to you and your health? The answer is… a lot. As Einstein said, matter and energy are two sides of the same coin. As we know from his famous equation, E=mc2, all energy can be translated into units of mass, and all mass can be translated into energy.

So, what does that mean for us, human beings composed of mass? Essentially, it means that you are also energy! Think about it: We require air, water, and food to live. Meanwhile we are also taking in light, sound, heat, and stimulation from our five senses. But we also do something with that energy. We generate our own body heat. We metabolize food. We can take a jog, or go skiing, or read this article right now. We feel emotions, and of course we procreate. Just think about all the energy required when a woman gestates a baby!

One form of our energy is called subtle energy. It’s essentially any energy which is not known to be one of the other four forces of nature (weak force, strong force, gravitational force, and electromagnetic force). Those who have focused on spirituality in the past have always known about subtle energy, but now we are beginning to uncover scientific evidence and explanations of the phenomena. Organizations such as the Institute of Noetic Science, and scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Amit Goswami, Fred Alan Wolf, and Lynne McTaggart have pioneered new research into this field.

Consider how you process emotion. What is that, from a physical perspective? What about your thoughts? You must use energy to generate a thought, but what is it, exactly? It isn’t something you can see or touch, yet we know that it is real and it is energy.

Think about how several different people, in the same time and place, will describe that experience in different terms later. One person might focus on how the room felt, while another saw something interesting, while a third might talk about actions happening in the room, and so on. We are all transmitters, exposed to the same information and yet we pick up on different things. It’s like being tuned to different radio stations. But if you need to, you can shift your attention, or turn your “dial” to pick up on something else.

So with regard to subtle energy, most of us are still learning how to recognize and use it appropriately, for our benefit. Think of lifting weights, which is obviously a more “physical” type of energy. We all have the ability to pick up a ten-pound dumbbell and curl it… But only some of us actually harness the energy to perform that exercise regularly. And what happens when we do that? There are noticeable changes in the muscle definition of our arms, but even more importantly, our arms grow stronger and able to lift more weight over time. And, of course, there are benefits to our physical health.

Subtle energy would work in a similar fashion, but most people have yet to learn how to harness it. It sounds a bit “magical”, but it’s every bit as real as the more noticeable physical energies that you’re already using every day.

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