i-H2O: The Difference is in the Structure

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If you have ever tried to rush into an elevator with a large group of people, then you know that the
good ol’ single file alignment (SFA) is the way to go. It is true for people … and water? Surprisingly,
yes. According to scientific research, rearranging water molecules into single file alignment makes it
easier for your body to hydrate, flush out toxins, counteract the signs of aging, and function better
overall. Water is one of the foundations of wellness (we are more than 60% water, after all), and
extraordinary things happen when we fuel our body effectively. That is where SFA comes in.

Think about it this way: With SFA technology, drinking a single glass of single-file aligned GIA i-H20 is
like drinking three glasses of “regular” water. Every ingredient and ounce matters when it comes to
hydration and nourishment, and single file alignment helps your body make it count. It is a delicate
shift that makes a world of difference. Our patented SFA technology has been researched, validated,
and proven by scientists and health experts. We have the science to prove it, and we let the powerful
real-life results speak for themselves.

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