Is Cell Phone Radiation Causing Weight Gain?

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You might imagine that heavy cell phone use could lead to weight gain. After all, most of us are sitting down while using our phones, not exactly performing jumping jacks! And it’s true that heavy cell phone use could certainly lead to a more sedentary lifestyle. But as it turns out, that’s not the only piece of the puzzle. It looks like cell phone radiation could be triggering changes all the way down at the cellular level (no pun intended) in your body, that can lead to weight gain.

We already knew that cell phone radiation can be dangerous in other ways; now add this concern to a growing list. A recent Cell Phone Radiation Advisory warned that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices carries a positive ion charge at the cellular level. This radiation roams our bodies as a free radical. And while our primary concern has always been the increased risk of cancer, supported by numerous scientific studies, we also know that EMF exposure can cause depression, headaches, lack of energy, and weight gain.

How do EMFs  trigger weight gain, and difficulty losing weight? Our bodies’ cells are directed by microtubules, which can go into “danger mode” when bombarded with EMF radiation. It’s a sort of “cellular lockdown” that inhibits cell functions such as metabolism. Obviously, we need our metabolisms running at normal levels in order to effectively burn the calories we consume through food. But when cell functions are slowed, our metabolism is impacted. This can lead to weight gain, and then difficulty losing the weight.

There’s one more problem: All free radicals, or toxins, in the body are deposited into our fat cells in an attempt to protect us from further damage. However, accumulating toxins in our fat cells is not only unhealthy; it leads to greater weight gain as those same cells are reluctant to let go of any potentially harmful agents.

It’s no wonder so many of us struggle with weight gain, when we’re constantly bombarded with harmful toxins such as cell phone radiation! While a healthy diet and exercise program can certainly help, you still need to address the issues triggering weight gain in the first place. Otherwise, trying to lose weight while enduring constant EMF exposure is like trying to empty a bucket from one end while continually filling it from the other.

Contact us to learn how to protect yourself from cell phone radiation, by using a simple device to neutralize the effects of EMFs. Once you put a stop to one of the more common sources of weight gain that we face in this modern age, your weight loss strategies will be more effective – and your results will last.


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