Simple Steps to Overcome Food Cravings and Stick to Your Diet

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Starting a new diet is a time of change, and most people stay strong for the first two or three days of their diet. But, as the newness wears off, it becomes harder and harder to avoid food cravings and addictions that tempt you to fall back into your old patterns of eating. If you want to be successful with your weight loss goals, then you need to stop those unhealthy eating patterns and kick those cravings to the curb.

Eating HealthyPlan Ahead

One of the best methods of defense against food cravings is to have a plan which will help you overcome the cravings as they occur. Recognize the triggers that cause you to fail on your diet, and have a specific plan in place to keep you on track. For example, if you find yourself always gravitating to the vending machine for an afternoon snack, take a few minutes in the morning to pack a healthy snack so that you already have something to eat when the afternoon cravings hit.

Use Healthy Substitutions

If you are craving something, it doesn’t mean that you should deny your hunger to stick to your diet. Find healthier alternatives to enjoy instead, so that you can still have a treat when you are feeling those cravings.

Instead of deep fried potato chips, have healthier, baked sweet potato chips instead. Try frozen yogurt or frozen fruit if your sweet tooth is begging for a treat. Or reach for a bag of roasted nuts instead of a candy bar.

Maintain Moderation

Let’s face it, a bite or two of chocolate isn’t going to derail your weight loss goals. Read here more about floor sterilization. The problem lies in the fact that a bite or two often leads to a lot more, and before you know it you have eaten the whole bag of chocolate. You can still enjoy some of your favorite treats if you eat them in moderation, as long as you can maintain the self-control to stick to the right portion size.

Next time you feel a craving start, dish out a few bites of your favorite treat and then put it away and out of sight, which will help you to avoid mindless eating and high calorie consumption.

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