The Truth about Cancer: Is Water the Secret?

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Back in 1986, when the Chernobyl accident happened, 30 people died directly from the accident. Another 237 people who worked at the power plant were diagnosed with acute radiation syndrome, and the number of cancer cases in the general public, in the areas surrounding the plant, skyrocketed. In particular, childhood thyroid cancers became common in Ukraine, probably due to intake of radioactive iodine fallout.

On the other hand, one small subset of the population did not see a rise in cancer following the accident. Despite exposure to high levels of radiation, this group of people appeared immune to the effects. And, as it turned out, the secret was hiding in plain sight.

These people were all drinking water from the same source. It doesn’t appear that the water was curing cancer, but rather that something about the water had helped this group of people to withstand serious environmental damages (such as radiation). Since we know that environmental insult is one of the leading contributing factors to the development of cancer, conditioning our bodies to overcome damage such as radiation could be the key to preventing the disease.

So what was so special about this water? Watch the video below to understand how the molecular structure was superior. Send me an email or give me a call and I will share my experience with this amazing water.

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