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It’s easy to imagine that hundreds of years ago, people didn’t have to go out of their way to “get in shape”. After all, most lives were spent farming, hunting for food, or engaged in other forms of physical labor.

But these days, most of us are tied to a desk all day, and we have to make an effort to keep our bodies in shape. But that doesn’t mean that all modern innovations are holding us back from getting fit! In fact, if you harness it correctly, social media sites can actually help you achieve your exercise goals. Check out the following ways that you can utilize technology to live a healthier lifestyle.

Woman jogging and listening musicFind a workout buddy. We’ve long known that having a workout buddy keeps you accountable and motivated to achieve your goals. But how do you even find such a person? And what if your friends are all busy, or have conflicting schedules, so you need more than one buddy? Posting on social media can help you find workout partners.

Get a little self esteem boost. We certainly don’t recommend that you post every move you make, but your friends want to know about your first 5k run or reaching major weightlifting milestones. You’ll receive congratulations and compliments, and those can be a major motivator to keep striving toward your goals.

Create a private group. Worried about clogging up the news feeds of your cough potato friends? You can always create a private group for your workout buddies. There, you can swap tips, motivate each other, and post pictures or other items that might seem too “braggy” for your regular feed. You deserve the comradery of close friends!

Make a game of it. Sponsoring a friendly competition – and even prizes – can help you all succeed at your goals. Social media offers the ideal opportunity to sponsor small competitions, invite friends to join you, and recognize the winners.

Hashtag it. Hashtags might be overused at times, but they can be perfect for tracking your workout success. Invent a cute and clever hashtag for your exercise posts, use it each time, and then you can look back at how far you’ve come by simply clicking on it.

Learn useful information. Need help with an exercise-related dilemma? Just post about it. One of your friends can probably help with useful advice.

Offer support and inspire others. If you come across a clever workout trick, post it on social media! For example, a new mom might realize that wearing her baby makes the perfect resistance weight for climbing hills and steps. Posting that tip can help others realize that you don’t need a nanny and a gym membership to get fit. You can inspire your friends on their own fitness journeys, and they will probably respond with some tips and tricks of their own.

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